A Midwest Burners Regional Burn

A Weekend That May Change Your Life!

InterFuse is THE Midwest Regional Burn - a yearly camping event that takes place in May. The goal of InterFuse is to unite in the celebration of art, fire, and life. We build a temporary city of tents, domes, light, dance, fire and music, revel in our community for the duration of the event, and then pack everything out while leaving no trace.

Welcome to Toon Town!

Lights blind you, theme music assaults you, and soon you realize, you're the star of your very own cartoon! It's time to choose your own adventure.

Perhaps you find yourself with a small group of friends, sleuthing through the dark, trying to solve the mystery of “Who Ate the Last Piece of Bacon?” (And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling burners.) Or maybe you see yourself as more of a superhero on a grand adventure to “Save the Effigy” from the villainous burners bent on setting it ablaze.

Perhaps you would rather spend the burn chasing after your prey of choice (hippies, sparkle ponies, illegally parked burners) employing a variety of techniques and traps that will invariably fail, leading to hilarity. Perhaps you even have a fiendish plot to take over the world! Or maybe you'll decide to hop aboard the yellow submarine and take a psychedelic trip across seas unknown to unimaginable places.

Your story is yet untold. Your adventure awaits you.

All the cartoons! All the color! All the animation! All the ACME! There are countless stories to tell, endless characters to be. Insanity, improbability, comedy, action, adventure, satire, we've got it all. We're zany to the max! Come on in! Come to a place where nothing is real. Spend a weekend in the land of make believe. Your imagination is the limit.* Here, you never have to grow up!

The Effigy Burn

On Saturday night at 10:00 PM, InterFusers will gather at the main effigy in center field. Fire spinners, drummers and other performance artists will build our energies to a fever pitch before we set fire to the effigy and burn it down.

But the celebration doesn't end there! The energy we build will be dispersed through the InterFuse community as participation kicks into high gear everywhere, all night long.